Saturday, November 13, 2010


D Magazine Front Row visits Ted Kincaid's studio to preview recent work:
"Kincaid's site shows images from a few new series of work comprised of digitally fabricated moon-scapes, mountain ranges, sea vistas, and other other-worldly sights that seem to derive their inspiration from early photographic works . . ." ~Peter Simek

Ted Kincaid continues his visual trickery in photography - his new work fabricates painstakingly built images of mountain ranges, ocean fronts, and the moon using no actual photographic material. In one of the new series, "A Hundred Moons," what appear to be representations of the moon's surface are constructed from images of Kincaid's concrete studio floor.

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The Art Gallery at the University of North Texas will exhibit Collections, Cultures, and Collaborations: Inspirations from the Neiman Marcus Collection, works selected from the Neiman-Marcus Collection. The collection, holding a total of some 2500 pieces, represents local and international emerging and established contemporary artists from various cultures. Curated by Julie Kronick, Corporate Art Curator of Neiman-Marcus, the selected work will feature Frances Bagley, Brad Ellis, Vincent Falsetta, Jane Helslander, Otis Jones, Ted Kincaid, Joe Mancuso, and Tom Orr. Visit the collection starting January 18 - February 12, 2011.

University of North Texas
College of Visual Art and Design

Image: Ted Kincaid, Seascape 1021, 2006, digital photograph, 26 x 48 in.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


One week left to view - don't miss before exhibition closes November 13!!!

Tom Orr's exhibition Ghost Stories is capturing the imaginations of gallery patrons. Read reviews here:

"It’s the world in and beyond appearances: mirages, the barely there, a once alive that remains to haunt . . ." -Rebecca Carter, D Magazine Front Row

"Few contemporary artists can conjure a sleight of hand as well as Tom Orr. This Dallas-based, internationally exhibited sculptor is also adept at achieving maximum effects with an economy of means." Catherine D. Anspon, PaperCity

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A Line Describing the Sun, installation view

William Lamson goes to the desert with another drawing machine invented and constructed as part of his work during artist residency at the Center for Land Use Interpretation’s in Wendover, Utah. Videos and photographs are currently on display at The Boiler in Peirogi Gallery in New York. On view through November 14.

A Line Describing the Sun, video still, detail view

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