Friday, October 30, 2009

Thomas Feulmer @ UT Dallas, group exhibit



Online Personal Ad (HUMOR AND...), 2008
spray paint on tracing paper, 17 x 20 inches

body text = "gender" -a group exhibition at The University of Texas Visual Arts Building, curated by Marilyn Waligore, includes work by artists Thomas Feulmer, Bryan Florentin, Morgan Ford, Simeen Ishaque and Christi Nielsen. Exhibition runs through November 28, 2009 (gallery hours: M-F 9am-10pm, Sat 9am-6pm).

These artists explore the representation of the body, as well as cultural attitudes toward the body, gender and sexuality: they are engaged in critical reflection, often referencing the body through its absence; they mine codes and conventions, like unspoken social rules, that inform relationships between gender and language in contemporary culture; and they address the influences of mediated imagery and consumerism.

Click here to see additional images of work by Thomas Feulmer, and please contact Marty Walker Gallery for further information.

The University of Texas at Dallas
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