Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Renegade Bus' Lucia Simek on "The Obama Art Fund"

Renegade Bus's own Lucia Simek lays out some details and discusses the first-time homeowner’s tax incentive "The Obama Art Fund" in a new entry on Dallas' always fascinating and clever culture blog

"...we landed a house just in the nick of time in order to qualify for : $8000, give or take, come refund time. While most assuredly the proper, home owning, adult thing to do with the money would be to put the money back into the house somehow – pay down the note a little, invest in some upgrades – we have another idea that’s much more fun, and that, tangentially, does some good too." -Lucia Simek, Renegade Bus

Read the full article to learn how you too can participate - click here:

(and start your art wishlist - see you next tax season!)


ALLISON HUNTER Untitled 14 - chromogenic photograph, 2007 -
(one of Lucia's "top, most-loved works of art as seen in Dallas galleries")