Wednesday, July 14, 2010



People are talking about the futuristic renderings now on exhibit in POST-NOW. Anna Krachey, Buster Graybill, and Jesse Morgan Barnett's photographs, sculpture and videos illustrate their version of the quesion:

How would the world appear in the absence of humans?

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claims POST-NOW is a must-see exhibition for all ages and walks of life, found on its list of RECOMMENDATIONS:

If Buster Graybill's black and white stills and video depict wildlife in the form of feral pigs and long-horned rams, then Jesse Morgan Barnett's and Anna Krachey's pictures show traces of the destructive wild life of people.

With the theoretically suggestive title of "Post-Now," this is a tight exhibition that brings home what it promises in a small dose. It is a pithy exposé of work by young artists providing glimpses into a would-be world left behind, yes, by fanatical Christians as well as by a vast array of technology whores, everyone from hot-rodding highway speed demons to lovers of Euro-trash disco. - Charissa Terranova

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On view through July 24.
Contact Marty Walker Gallery for more information.

Buster Graybill, Tush Hog Surveillance: 2/22/10 07:57PM (Turf War), 2010, archival ink jet print
Jesse Morgan Barnett, To Accident and Abandon (A), 2009, archival Ultrachrome print
Anna Krachey, Four Corners, 2010, archival inkjet print