Friday, August 13, 2010


The Houston Chronicle reviews Refuge, Jay Shinn's solo exhibition at Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston:
"The work's real power lies in the way it transforms the gallery into a serene, chapellike setting. The exhibition's title, Refuge, hints at a spiritual impulse behind the work, as does the interdependency between the objects and their setting, neither of which is complete without the other.

It all adds up to a less-is-more vision that draws on the legacy of minimalism but ultimately feels more generous than austere. But you need to experience the work in person to glean its impact." ~Douglas Britt

And in The Houston Press, "This kind of artful, elegantly restrained work is rare and welcome" writes Kelly Klaasmeyer, editor of

To read the full Houston Chronicle article, click here (PDF)
& click here for the Houston Press article (PDF)

The exhibition has been extended and is on view through September 4, so go see it!
(image pictured: Jay Shinn's Wall Alter, 2010, stainless steel and shadow, 32 x 48 x 8 inches)