Saturday, January 15, 2011


Frances Bagley, Zebra

Beasts and Bunnies at McKinney Avenue Contemporary

Artists Helen Altman, Celia Eberle, Margaret Meehan and Frances Bagley join forces this January in a show called Beasts and Bunnies, which will explore this bevy of female artists’ often macabre considerations of animals. Through work in various media, from Margaret Meehan’s often furry, toothed bizarro humanoids to Frances Bagley’s shrouded, stunted or blind mystery beasts to Helen Altman’s precious tanks of pet-ables to Celia Eberle’s monstrous, mouthy creatures, each artist explores our own animal behavior in off-kilter notions of beasts. With results that are often haunting and repulsive, but always full of wonderment and wit, these artists forcibly push a viewer to reflect on the state of one’s own inner creatures. Grouping the four of these women together as a collective should prove a walk on the wild side, so be warned: one never walks away from work by these artists unbitten. – Lucia Simek

Beasts and Bunnies: An Investigation of Crossed Paths

McKinney Avenue Contemporary
January 8 – February 12

3120 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204