Friday, September 11, 2009



William Lamson: LONG SHOT

September 12, 2009 - January 2010
The Lot Public Opening: Saturday, September 12th
Pick-up basketball game, The Lot: 2–6PM
(food and drink on site - MAP)

William Lamson has installed basketball backboards and hoops enlarged 2.5 times to the scale of The Lot's 25-foot high rigger poles. The poles define the perimeter of the 90’ x 90’ site and the interior open gravel plaza of about 20’ x 40’. The result is the creation of a miniature basketball court of massive proportions. Artspace will provide basketballs to anyone who wishes to use the court through an exchange program with the gallery. You can use your own balls too - please play an enjoy!

The Lot is an 8,000 square foot pocket park located in downtown New Haven, CT [MAP]. Situated between two highly trafficked streets in the historic and culturally diverse Ninth Square neighborhood, this formerly derelict parking lot was redeveloped in 2005 as a public transit site and green space for communal use. LONG SHOT continues in Artspace’s tradition of expanding opportunities for public art and commitment to community. Lamson’s basketball court will create a function for The Lot's underused space, promoting play, community interactions, and physical exercise; it will also activate an otherwise dormant, unkempt area.

LONG SHOT will complement Lamson's solo exhibition at Artspace in November 2009.

The Lot is located on 812 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT -see map